What do you do?

  • I am a professional chef who caters celebratory dinners and weddings in Northern California.
  • I am culinary artist who collaborates with artists & writers to bring a unique food dimension to storytelling.
  • I cook for retreats throughout California and beyond.

What types of services do you offer?

  • cocktail parties & weddings, up to 120 people
  • family-style community dinners, up to 70 people
  • intimate multi-course birthday and anniversary dinners, 4-20 people
  • food collaborations with artists, writers, & galleries
  • private cooking classes, instruction, & workshops
  • gift certificates for private cooking classes in your home, 1-4 people

Do you cater weddings?

  • I currently cater weddings for up to 120 people. If your wedding is larger, I can refer you to other reputable chefs who specialize in weddings of a larger size.

What do you charge?

  • Please fill out a contact form at the link above, so I can get a better idea of what you are looking for and give you an estimate based on your needs. If I can’t meet your needs, I might be able to suggest someone who can.

What is the best way to reach you?

  • Email me at yasmin@calicopie.us or use the contact form above

Thank you for you interest.